Manoli The Architect

This is an old Romanian folk-tale, a darker one than most told in modern days,¬†from a land with a dark and bloody past. Above is a reading of the story from yours truly, and below is the text of the tale. Other stories from the same old collection can be found here. This story may […]


I began playing online chess several months ago. I’ve known the basic rules since I was a child, but had perhaps played a total of only a couple dozen games in my life until that point. It has been an enjoyable challenge to get into, and like any activity I’ve gotten better with practice. Initially, […]

The Used Bookstore

In the last fortnight, I fortuitously found myself twice in the vicinity of local “Half Price Books” stores. With plenty of time to browse, I made off like a bandit with a sizable haul, all for well under one hundred dollars. These treasures I will share with you, Dear Reader. The Coffee Table Books: From […]


I suppose I must make some kind of inaugural blog post, and not just begin releasing my thoughts into the aether without context. This is Darkwald, a shadowy organization working to produce sinister trivialities such as book reviews, games, and miscellaneous musings for your enjoyment. As for myself, I am merely a vessel for the […]